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Watercolor Phonics Alphabet Clip Art VALUE BUNDLE

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This set contains with 343 color and black outline PNG images.

An upper case and lower case version of each letter is included.

Each letter has 5 illustrations and 2 letters with watercolor and black outline versions.

This set is perfect for beginning letter/sound activities but they have also been designed with other projects in mind. There are a wide variety of images including animals, household objects, food, nature and more!

Beginning Sound Clipart Images Include:

A: arrow, apple, acorn. avocado, axe
B: belt, book, bottle, box. ball
C: cloud, camel, castle, cake, corn
D: doll, doughnut (donut), dice, duck, door
E: eggs, earth, elephant, envelope, eye
F: fish, fork, feather, fan, football
G: glasses, glove, gingerbread, guitar, golf club
H: hippo, heart, house, hat, hammer
I: ivy, ice, island, infant, iron
J: jewelry, jellyfish, jar, jellybean, jumprope
K: ketchup, kite, knife, kangaroo, key
L: lamp, leaf, lobster, ladder, lemon
M: map, mirror, moon, mouse, mushroom
N: necklace, nail, needle, nuts, nest
O: octopus, oval, owl, olives, orange
P: paintbrush, pan, pumpkin, pencil, pizza
Q: question, quarter, quilt, quill, quail
R: rainbow, rabbit, rose, rhino, radio
S: ship, snail, snake, socks, stars
T: table, teapot, tent, tomato, tree
U: unicorn, utensils, umbrella, underwear, unicycle
V: vest, volcano, violin, vase. vine
X Y Z: xylophone, yarn, yoyo, zebra, zipper

For larger images download the preview document above.

Crisp and clean, high quality images. These resize nicely and do not have any blurry edges or artifacts.

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