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Terms Of Use

▬ Updated 9/1/15 ▬

Do not redistribute, resell or trade Paula Kim Studio image files. No compartir, revender o archivos de imagen comercial Paula Kim Studio.

Credit is not required (unless otherwise stated below) but it helps to ensure that there will be more Paula Kim Studio art in the future. ♥

You can not resell my products as a digital image, clip art, digital paper, digital scrapbooking supply or as part of any design resource or product.

Images may be reproduced for up to 2,500 units, more than that requires an extended license.

►T shirts and Print on Demand (POD) Websites
Purchase of a T shirt designer license is required. This is a one time purchase that includes past present and future purchases from Paula Kim Studio.

►Small Business Owners
You may use PKS graphics to create new and original personal use printable downloads, stationery, printed items, logos, social media/blog graphics and marketing materials for your own business. You may use graphics to produce your own craft supplies (not fabric) for resale in your own shop to customers who will be using the items for personal purposes.

You may print up to 25 yards of fabric for your own business use. If you would like to print more than 25 yards please purchase an extended use license. The extended use license allows you to print an additional 100 yards.

►Teachers & Educators
Any type of educational use is authorized. You may use Paula Kim Studio clip art to compliment your educational digital products for resale. Images must be part of secure or flattened document/image. Not be resold as clip art, coloring pages, posters, classroom decor, digital paper, graphics products or a graphic design resource. 

►Digital Educational Products
Graphics may be used to create boom learning products with no extra license. Images that are not flattened or secure (movable pieces) require a digital license to be purchased. Digital licenses are only available for a limited number of products. Flattened and secured images may be used with no extra license required.

You may use Paula Kim Studio graphics to create new and original images for your blog/social media accounts. They can not be used as is and must be part of a new, non-layered image that you create. You may also use artwork to compliment an original freebie that you create for your fans that is not a graphic design resource or coloring page. Graphics are not intended to be used as is, only as part of a larger project. Freebie downloads must be intended for personal use only with credit to Paula Kim Studio.

►Online Graphics
Images online must be displayed at 72dpi. Graphics not to be used as is, must be part of another image that you create.

►Digital Scrapbooking
You may use graphics for any personal purpose. You may use graphics as part of a flattened, merged or printed layout that you create for a client. CU is allowed if you significantly modify the graphics in your own way and save them as part of an unlayered image.

►Digital Printable Files
You may not sell artwork as part of a blank template that will be used to create items for resale by your customer. Graphics must be incorporated into your own original design/creation. Not to be used as is. Must be saved as part of a document with no layers. Images must be intended for personal use only. No coloring pages.

►Embroidery Digital Files
You may use Paula Kim Studio graphics to create your own embroidery digital files for resale. Please include a link to my website or Etsy shop wherever you display the images online. No credit required with purchase of an extended license.

►Planner Stickers
Images are not to be used as is. You may not create a set comprised soley of PKS artwork, you may not claim artwork as your own. If you would like to create a set exclusively comprised of PKS graphics or in a quantity greater than 1,000, an extended license is required.

Can be used for any printed finished products that you resell to your clients for their own personal use.

►Graphic Designers
You may purchase images on behalf of your client. You may use images to create original graphics or marketing materials (not physical product intended for resale) for one client. If you would like to use graphics for another client repurchase the set or an extended use license.

►Large Scale Production, Fabric, Commercial Use Supplies
A mass production license (not an extended use license) is required. Prices vary depending on usage. Send a convo with the details of your project for a quote.

Share files, resell as is, redistribute original files, create coloring pages, create rubber stamps from the image, resell as clip art, digital paper or graphic resource, offer as freebies, sell as digital collage sheets or sell as layered templates of any kind.

Copyright remains with Paula Kim Studio. You may not claim work as your own or register as part of an image for copyright with the USPTO.

Any final images containing Paula Kim Studio graphics must be appropriate for all ages.