Transportation Clip Art


Travel Watercolor Clip Art Set Includes:

Airplanes – 2 (light blue and dark gray)
Bikes – 3 (red, yellow, blue)
Cars – 2 (blue, orange)
Wood chest with gold accents
Trains – 2 (red, blue)
Passenger Cars – 3 (red, blue)
Empty Picture
Planet – 2 (dark blue, light blue)
Suitcase – 3 (orange, red with gold, blue)

Black outline with transparent background versions also included – 10 total

Each image is saved individually as an PNG with transparent background.

Large image size, approximately 8-10″ across 300DPI. These images can easily be sized down and they are perfect for printing!Preview1

Create a Train Watercolor Clip Art Set

You can use these images to create your own watercolor train! Each piece is saved individually so you can create your own combinations. Make the train as long as or as short as you need.

13 colors: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Aqua, Violet, Purple, Brown, Black, Outline

Each image is saved individually as an PNG with transparent background.

Large image size, approximately 6″ across 300DPI. These images can easily be sized down and they are perfect for printing!

Merchandise Featuring Art From This Collection:


Watercolor Earth tote bag, available on my website.

Watercolor Page Divider Clip Art Set


I am so happy with how this page divider bundle turned out! It’s such an easy and simple way to add a big punch of color to your projects.

This set features 100 PNG images! There are 5 styles included: polka dots, stripes, hearts, squares and chevron. Each style contains 20 colors.

All new art! These images are only available in this bundle, if you have purchased other watercolor border sets there is no need to worry about repeats.

Each border is 11 inches wide. They are saved at 300 dpi so they can be enlarged quite a bit and will still look great!

There is enough variation in these borders that they would still look awesome printed in black and white. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun!

Watercolor Page Divider Bundle

Also available on TeachersPayTeachers

Watercolor Page Divider Bundle

Watercolor Heart Page Divider Clip Art


CMYK vs RGB Color

Knowing which color palettes to use for what isn’t always as cut and dry as you might like. To help you learn how to create beautiful websites and print materials, you first need to start with the differences between CMYK and RGB and what they mean for you.

If you are new to the world of graphic design, you likely have not run into dealing with this difference yet because most programs automatically adjust to accommodate these differences. RGB refers to the red, green and blue colors that are commonly found on projects while CMYK references the cyan, magenta, yellow and black colors.

Black is referred to as K because back in the printing press days they black was referred to as the key plate since it carried out the key functions involved in creating printed materials. Anything you plan on printing should always be in CMYK format, Web creations should use the RGB format. Why you ask?

Large printing presses use plates, each color has it’s own distinct plate. Back in the old days the printer would put one color down, allow it to dry and then proceed to the next color until they had made their way through all of the different colors. Modern printing presses still work the same way but now without the drying time.

Sure, you can print in RGB, but it isn’t going to come out looking the same as it will with CMYK. RGB colors are additives in that they blend together to create rich, vibrant shades of purple, deep blues, luscious greens and so on. Unfortunately, ink on paper simply cannot emulate what the Web can in terms of creating graphic images that are truly stunning and awe-inspiring.

Anytime you print, the images need to be dulled down to a style that your printer can handle. All of the bold colors you see online will never come out the same when printed. Your computer screen can literally handle millions of colors, which is why the Internet takes advantage of the technology that makes RGB what it is today.

In the event you do try to print in RGB mode, it is important that you understand that your results are going to vary from what you see on your computer screen. Your printer has its own set of colors that it is capable of handling. Unfortunately, it will never be able to keep up with the millions of colors that your computer and the Internet can handle. If you are doing any online design or Web creation, you should always employ the use of RGB color technology.

To change the way your document appears, locate the document color mode settings (usually in the file menu or document settings) and choose which colorspace you prefer. With it being as simple as it is to switch formats, there is no reason why you cannot have the perfect blend of color in both your online and your print advertising. Try experimenting with the two options and see how much of a difference it makes.

Watercolor Weather Clipart Set


This weather clip art set includes watercolor, solid color and black outline versions.

Images are approximately 8 inches wide or tall. High quality – 300 DPI.

This weather clip art set includes 57 images:
Rain clouds
Fluffy clouds (2 styles)
4 Thermometers (2 hot, 2 cold)
Cloud with Rain
Cloud with Drizzle
Cloud with Snow
Partly Cloudy
Funnel cloud

Best price available here

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Solid color versions are also included.
Also includes a black and white outline versions.

Watercolor School Supplies Clipart Set


School supplies clip art set includes a total of 75 png images (with transparent backgrounds).

clip art includes:
binder clips
color pencils

All school supplies are saved with 2-8 color versions along with a black outline only version.

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A Cheap and Simple Way to Host Large Digital Files

If you sell digital products on Etsy, TeachersPayTeachers or CreativeMarket at some point you may have issues dealing with file size limits. After lots of trial and error I have figured out the easiest way to get around the file size dilemma. (Etsy sellers should also look into CraftHub).

This is my DIY file hosting discovery. It’s reliable, safe and very economical!

Most people host files with DropBox. I love them but there is a more economical way to offer large downloads to your customers, Amazon Web Services! My AWS bill last month was 17¢ (DropBox is around $10). I signed up in 2011, I didn’t receive my first bill from them until end of 2012. When I was finally billed the grand total was $3.

First you have to sign up for an AWS account. I keep mine separated so it’s easier to track business expenses but you can use your personal login.

Once you sign up and log in you will be directed to the AWS console. The service that we want is “S3” under the “Storage and Content Delivery” section.

Next, click the button at the top of the screen that says “create bucket”. Come up with a good name for your bucket, the name will be part of your file’s URL. You can also have multiple buckets which is nice for organization. Select a region close to where you live. After you click “create” your bucket will pop up on your screen in the left column. Click on the bucket, you will be brought to another page.

This is where you upload your file. File size can go up to a very healthy 5TB (1 TB=1,000,000 MB), no file size limits!

Once your files are uploaded they will pop onto your screen. Right click on your file and select “make public”. If you forget this step your links will not work.

To find the URL for the file right click and select “properties”. You can also figure out what the URL is if you know the name of your bucket and file. For example, The bucket name is this case is “PaulaKimStudio” and the file I uploaded was “PaulaKimStudioLogo.png”.

I hope that you find this useful, if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.